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“It is the guitar from which all guitars emanate.”

– Darol Anger on hearing the JB-30 Acoustic Guitar November 11, 1997 No. 59)

“It is the cello of guitars”

– John Jennings, on the JB-30 (Acoustic Guitar, June 1997, No. 54)

“I love this bass. It's easy on the eyes, it sounds wonderful unplugged and plugged, and it's really comfortable to play. I've used it for so many things that it's difficult to say what its primary strength is. It has a gorgeous, transparent woodiness that's appropriate for really subtle stuff, yet enough thunk to rock pretty hard. I've played quite a few ‘acoustic bass guitars,’ and the Berkowitz beats them all to a pulp.¹ ² ;³”

– John Jennings on the JAB Acoustic Bass Guitar

“I couldn't be happier with the custom guitar that David built for me. It is a phenomenal instrument - surpassing all of my expectations. The guitar is well balanced through the tonal spectrum, has incredible resonance and sustain and boasts a powerful punch. Many hindquarters have been kicked by this great guitar.”

– Michael K. Golay

¹ albeit a lovely, colorful, exotic wood kind of pulp.
² notwithstanding the fact that acoustic musicians are notoriously non-violent.
³ that is to say, the others would be good for making paper.